The Importance of Colour

Whether you are aware of it or not, colour is very important in our lives and it impacts on everything we do.

It’s in the clothing choices we make, the rooms we decorate, the products we buy (or not as the case may be), in signs and signals that tell us what to do, and much more.

It’s a constant signal to our primal brain giving us visual signs about what we are seeing. For instance, is it fresh, is there danger ahead, or what season is it? According to CCI (Institute of Colour Research) colour is a big influence on the decisions we make, and the opinions we form within 90 seconds of seeing an image, product, logo, etc. 

Different cultures and personal experiences of colour have an impact on what people subliminally think and feel when they see any particular colour. 

For instance, let’s take red. This symbolises many things like danger, blood, warning, passion, and seduction. However, in some cultures, like China, it’s a colour of good luck, and in Greece it’s a symbol of heroism. In East Asia, red denotes a rise in the stock market, as opposed to Western cultures that use green.

Yellow is another example. This symbolises the sun, happiness, egg yolks, and optimism. However, it can also indicate cowardice, caution, and illness. And in Japan, on the other hand, it represents courage.

As you can see, looking at just two different colours, there are different impacts on many people depending on where they are in the world. So, how do you as a small business, navigate this potential minefield? 

  1. Start with your target audience, who is your business aimed at? Research them.
  2. What are you selling and/or service are you providing? Research them and the sector.
  3. Look at the colours you are thinking of using and look into their potential meaning to see if they help or hinder.
  4. Look at the different variances of your chosen colours to see if you have a connection to a particular tone.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain of your industries normal colour choices. Test the water with your chosen ones and get some feedback.

Whatever you choose, you need to be consistent with its application in everything you do with your business, even down to what you or your staff might wear.

Having a strong connection to the colours you choose is also important, that’s why the tone of the colour you choose is key as some people are more drawn to bright colours, and others to pastel. This is because you have to feel comfortable about your overall brand to be able to promote it with confidence and energy.

So to end, remember your colour choices are just as important as your business name and final logo images. The colours you choose are the first impression and can make a big impact.

Do you want to talk more about your business and colours? Get in touch; leave a thought or comment below.

Do you want to talk more about your business and colours? Get in touch.