An illustration can be an integral part of your marketing plan and it can help you to get messages across to your target audience that a photograph can’t quite reach. It is a bespoke image that informs your clients in a
visual and interesting way, of what you want to say.

Here at Artliff Design & Print Ltd we like creating illustrations, either digitally or traditionally, which fit in with your marketing needs for your latest campaign. Working with you to create the best illustration that gets across the right message and to the specifications that you are looking for to reach and engage your audience in a different way.

Illustrations can range from an infographic to a cartoon drawing of the team, to a watercolour looking type picture of a building, to a series of drawings explaining a process which has been broken down in bitesize pieces, to even creating a childrens’ book.

Illustrations used in the correct way, can be really eye catching and integral to attracting a new audience. If you have been thinking about trying to reach new customers, why not give us a call? – we’d love to help.